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Every day thousands of new web sites go online. There are so many sites online it's become more important than ever to have a web site that stands out in the crowd. It's a fact that more and more people are deciding whether the business behind a web site is credible or not simply by the look of it. The vast majority of sites online are done by people with absolutely no experience and it shows. (Take a look at some of our before and after examples.) The surest way to project a professional image and instantly convey credibility over the internet is to have your web site professionally developed.

We pride ourselves on making sure that each web site project is a very straightforward process.

Phase one: Design and layout of Home Page and Secondary Page.

This phase is the most time consuming. It can go quickly or slowly depending on your approval of the design we come up with. One thing that speeds this up is to have ONE person who will make the final design decisions. And we always suggest you give us a good idea of the styles you like before we start so we can get pretty close right off the bat. We recommend visiting: PROJECT COOL to see a lot of different design styles. They have years of good sites cataloged for you to view. The clearer idea we have of what you like the less money you'll have to spend for us to figure it out. Most high end design firms charge you an arm and a leg because they waste time making 4 or 5 different designs for you to look at in hopes of coming up with something you'll like. We think that's a waste of time and money. Why spend it when you can look at hundreds of sites already online for ideas?!

Phase two: Build the rest of your site with provided content

Once the initial design is approved, and if all the content required for the site is available, we move quickly to build the entire site. We average about 3-6 hours per page so you can calculate an approximate timeline based on that. An average site takes us about a week to fully construct, test and upload.

Phase three: Final proofing and corrections

This final phase usually goes very quickly. At this point it is up to the client to go over the entire site and check for correct information and basic proofing of the content. After this pass is finished the site is ready to go online. There are bound to be little things here or there that crop up but it's very simple and quick from here on to tweak your site. All the hard parts are over.

Once your site is online, it's a simple matter to add to it as your needs grow.


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