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Thousands of companies are rushing to get onto the internet every day because it's obvious a web site is an absolute necessity now. It's become such a standard part of doing business customers and clients think you're out of step with the rest of the worldl if you can't point them to your web site.

But if you are like the vast majority of our clients, you and your staff are already operating at maximum load. To take on the task of figuring out the internet and all the intricacies of developing a web site may seem daunting and risky. And the world of the internet is changing so quickly, can you really afford the time to experiment?

Element3 can help you and your staff quickly develop an effective web site without breaking the bank and without making a big, overblown production out of it. We don't waste time trying to sell you bells and whistles you don't need and go out of out way to establish reaslistic goals and expecations.

There are three main benefits being enjoyed by companies with an internet presence:

  • A web site provides a cost effective, interactive marketing medium. It offers the opportunity to target your market with unprecedented ease. People surfing the internet usually visit a site only because they want something specific from it. And a web site can be designed to capture detailed information about those who are visiting it.

  • It can provide an extension to your customer service department taking a tremendous load off staff by automating the delivery of frequently requested information or support materials.

  • A web site can provide a powerful way to promote your company image or product brand recognition. This is often accomplished indirectly by providing things your target audience cares about.

So, not taking advantage of the internet has become as unthink- able as not using your phone because you can mail a letter.

We offer the following services:

  • FREE EVALUATION: We offer a free web site project evaluation. Taking a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire can help you organize your thoughts and goals about what you'd like your web site to accomplish and give us enough information to put together a fairly accurate proposal and recommendation. Just click ont he link in the menu to the right for your FREE PROJECT EVALUATION.

  • QUALITY WEB SITE DESIGN: We build first rate sites that are compelling and user friendly. As the internet expands it's increasingly important to have a site that projects a very professional image. There are thousands upon thousands of sites that are slapped up by employees with no skill whatsoever and they can compromise your image to your prospective customers and clients.

  • WEB SITE HOSTING: We have installed a series of servers connected to a lot of bandwidth and running powerful software "just for our clients" to utilize. This allows us to administer your site with maximum efficiency and allows you the greatest flexibility when it comes to expanding your site or adding additional functionality. It also saves you the tremendous cost of installing and running your own servers!

Whatever your needs or your budget, we can help you make the most out of establishing an internet presence. And we can help make it an enjoyable, painless process.

The internet has already become a necessary part of doing business for a vast number of companies. Sooner or later it's bound to become part of yours.

When the time comes for you to make your entry into this new arena, we hope you would consider element3 first. Our combined expertise in the areas of computer technology, marketing and graphic design will ensure you a job done right the first time. And . . .as an extra bonus . . . we're very easy to work with.

So, while there are many people that can put up a site for you, there's a great range in competence and quality with alot of the work being done for the internet. If you don't want to worry about getting great results, try element3.


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