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To get the best possible picture of what the web can do for you
and the most accurate web site proposal, please be sure
to carefully fill out everything on the form.

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1. Do you currently have a web site? Yes No

If yes, what is the URL of the exisiting site:

2. If Yes, is this going to be a redesign or a new site?

Redesign New Site

3. Do you think you will need an interent store?

Yes No

4. If yes, describe products and estimate how many product or items you need to put online?

5. Who are your target customers?

6. What motivates your customers to do business with you? (Quality, price, etc.)

7. Do you typically have repeat business? Yes No

8. What brings your customers back to you?

9. What motivates your competitor's customers to do business with them?

10. Can your customers access all of the information they need about your company, products, services whenever they need it?
Yes No

If so, how?

11. How do you obtain feedback from your customers and what do you do with that information?

12. What are the most successful methods you use to generate new customer leads and why?
(Direct sales, specific advertising programs, promotions, etc.)

13. What methods for generating new customers could use the most improvement? What improvements look the most promising?

14. What is your primary marketing message now?

15. Is it the same message you wish to portray on-line? Yes No

If not, what would the new message be?

16. Describe the tone or spirit of your message. (Conservative, fun, youthful, serious, etc.)

17. What is the primary marketing objective you are attempting to solve? What do you think your specific goals might be for a web site?

18. What short and long-term responses are you seeking? (email leads, direct sales, recruitment, etc.)

19. What areas do you think you want covered in your web site?

(Company history, people, products, services,.etc. Please list each separately and include how many pages you think you may want to devote to each section. A guess is good enough. This is just the first step in defining exactly what you really will need. We have already entered a few "must have" pages for you.)

20. Do you have current marketing materials we can use to create your site?

Yes No

If so, please briefly describe the materials you have.

(Photo's, logo's, written materials in digital form so we don't have to retype them, etc. Creating artwork and writing copy takes a tremendous amount of time so the more you provide us with, the less we have to charge to do it).

21. What kind of budget do you have in mind for the development of your web site?

(This is important so we can determine a realistic picture of what your site will be able to do) Please specify a budget for creation of the site and a monthly/yearly budget for updating/maintenance.

22. Do you have your own server? Yes No

23. Do you currently have an internet service provider? Yes No

If yes, who ?

24. Any additional comments of questions?


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