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How much will a web site cost?


The short answer is our base rate is $85.00 an hour for all web design and programming services.

The long answer is much harder to give you because the cost depends on many factors. A site can cost just about anything -- from a few hundred dollars to thousands. A web site can be one single page, or it can be a complex interactive, multimedia extravaganza with on-line shopping systems, custom programming, links to interactive data collection systems . . . well . . . you get the idea.

That's why it's so important to define your objectives before you begin because, like buying a car, those fabulous extras can dramatically up the cost. And like buying a car, you need to decide what you really want, and what you really 'need' before you sign on the dotted line. That's why we've created out FREE Web Site Project Evaluation. It's a good first step in helping to define exactly what you need a web site to do and some realistic idea of how much it will cost.

FREE Evaluation

If you want a quick way to estimate how much your site would cost we've come up with a simple formula that will get you in the ballpark.

After doing many sites we've discovered if we take the total number of pages and divide them into the number of hours it has taken us to create the site, it averages out to about 5 hours a page. So to get a fairly accurate estimate take the total number of pages you think you will need and multiply them by 5. This will give you the number of hours it will take to create your site. Then take the total number of hours and multiply that by our base rate of $85/hr and you'll have a rough idea of how much your site will cost to create.

This way of estimating will only give you a rough idea as there may be many factors that would reduce or increase the actual cost. We'd like to remind you that we strongly recommend you complete our FREE EVALUATION before you begin developing any site so you only estimate based on what you actually need. It really pays to produce detailed plans before the fact.

In addition you have to be aware of the monthly hosting fee to keep your live online 24/7. As part of our package we offer complete hosting services average about $39.95 a month. We are not an ISP so we do not provide internet access. We are only a hosting provider not an internet service provider.

  • Please click here for more info on our hosting services and fees.

Marketing expenses can range all over the spectrum depending on how aggressive you want to be and what you want your web site to accomplish.

The main things you need to realize is there is no magic bullet to getting people to your web site. Just because it's there doesn't mean people will flock to it. You should look at your web site as if it's another store front. you need to market it just like you need to market anything else.

One of the best ways to market your web site is to simply include your web site address on all of your current marketing materials. Or you can produce specific materials just to promote your site. Basically there are many ways to go about marketing your site. But as with any conventional marketing efforts, you will need to define your objectives and pick the appropriate avenues to get your message out. There's really no magic bullet when it comes to marketing on the web. So once you've defined your objectives, marketing expenses can then be calculated. Otherwise it comes back to the "It's like buying a car" issue.



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