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Another great thing about hosting with element3 is our selection of powerful Add-On Modules. When you host with us, you can start out simple and expand your web site's capabilities as your needs grow.

We currently have the following modules that can be integrated into your web site.

Full Featured, Deluxe Internet Store
for anyone who needs a way to offer goods and services through their web site. Our integrated store comes complete with everything you need, including a web-based administration system that allows you to manage your store from any standard web browser like Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer.
Price will vary depending on number of items in your store.

Deluxe Discussion Board System
This system is ideal for those sites that can benefit from moderated discussions. Our Discussion Board allows you to structure a dynamic, ongoing interaction with your target audience. Price will start at only $19.95

Installation fee applies to cover the cost of installing the script and configuring the board to integrate into your site. Fee varies depending on amount of customization required. Average of 2 hours. To see an example of a discussion boards look here.

This module adds a very convenient way for visitors to recommend your site to one or several friends or colleagues. Personal referrals are one of the very best ways to promote your site and this module makes that very easy for your visitors. It's also a simple way to generate a valuable mailing list. The system generates a log file with name and email addresses for the person referring and the referral. Collecting information about your visitors is a critical part of developing a web site that is truly useful for both you and your visitors. To see it in action look here.

Price to host this service is only an additional $4.95
Installation fee of $39.95 to cover the cost of installing and configuring the script, creating the referral page to integrate into your site and navigation button that points to your new referral form.

List Server, Blogs and many other modules are available to add more functionality to your web site.
Our system is very flexible and we can install just about any kind of web based system to your web site. Just let us know what you want your site to do and we'll probably be able to find an add-on we can install for you. If there isn't already one made, we can make one for you.


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