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Way back in 1981, we decided to enter the field of graphic design, when creativity had to be expressed by hand, before the personal computer expanded the boundaries of what was possible. As the years passed, as the world grew to demand ever increasing degrees of originality, we came to realize our true purpose in life. We were not meant to simply carry on as most graphic designers. NO. We saw we were meant to go far beyond the mere production of great design. We were driven to dig deeper, to discover the actual source of the creative impulse itself and to discover a way to harness this power for the greater benefit of each and every one of our clients and every man, woman, and child on this earth - and perhaps the entire universe!.

And this we have done! On January 1st, 1997, we successfully completed our long and treacherous sojourn. We discovered what we call element3, the essential constituent of the pure creative impulse that drives the entire cosmos.

Why such a hum drum name for such an extraordinary thing you ask? Well, as with any quest for knowledge, there were two previous elements we discovered that we thought were THE source of pure creativity but were found to be of somewhat lesser import. So the name is simple and literal. And, if you're really honest, even the simplicity of the name can't hide the power you feel when you say it, when you look at the words. The reality is so AWESOME it needs no embellishment!

But having discovered element3 would mean nothing if we couldn't harness it. So one evening, without our knowledge, our lead researcher, having found no manufacturable means to harness this awesome power, took it upon himself to leap into the abyss of e3 power. Risking everything, committing heart, soul and even his physical body, he opened himself to the direct radiance of e3. After the smoke cleared, he found himself irretrievably altered - with unimaginable creative powers. We dare not divulge much of the reality because we have found mere mortals tend to quake in their boots so to speak - and often begin to feel more inadequate then most of us already feel. So suffice it to say, what is done is done, and we are left with a staff member that inexhaustibly fuels our creative engine. We made him a really cool suit and bowed to his wish to simply be called . . .


. . . and all is well.

But, because e3 Man is so . . . well . . . altered, we have convinced him to stay inside and limit his contact with other humans to an occasional phone call or postcard. And surprisingly this suits him just fine as his creativity runs at such a fevered pace there really isn't much room for anything else, nor any desire. So rest assured, e3 Man is intimately involved with every project whether large or small, whether conservative by design or way out there. E3 Man does justice to them all, gives equally to all! E3 Man is changing the face of cyberspace for the better through the harnessed, beneficent power of element3.

Or something like that. Hehe.



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